Suzuki 425GS Restore

“Hey dad, what ever happened to that old motorcycle you let me drive to high school?” “Oh it’s in the shed, forgot all ’bout that thing, you want it?”

That’s how it all started, not sure why a high school kid was allowed to drive a new-ish motorcycle to school but maybe I was an advanced rider?  All I know is that it was FUN!  When I found out that bike was forgotten and in need of repair I figured why not!

I strapped up the trailer and went to visit the parents for the weekend. Once I saw the bad shape of the bike I had reservations but after driving that far with a trailer, I had to go for it.  After all what could it hurt, I’ve never worked on a motorcycle before and it’s a great learning experience!

I started by cleaning it up, 25+ years of dust covered everything on this bike! It was nice and shiny after lots and lots of elbow grease.  Of course I tried to start it up, but no luck!   The first thing I tackled was the carbs, rubber hoses, and gas tank, removing everything I could and cleaning or replacing it.

After much trial and error I pulled apart the carbs allowing them to clean in a bath for a few days.  In the mean time I bought new intake boots, replaced all the hoses, rusted hose clamps,  and stripped out bolts.  Once that was all complete and put back together(this took 3 or 4 tries) to my amazement it fired up!!

The before photo after pulling it from my parents shed.

Taking almost everything off, and to my amazement everything went back as it should!

This is what re-started my love of motorcycling. I started on a Honda TX80 as a kid and this brought me back!  After going back and forth on this with many minor tweaks to replace worn bits as needed I decided to get a more modern bike. This led me to a Honda Shadow, a Triumph Bonneville, a BMW GS650 and finally a Ducati Scrambler to rule them all!

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