Ducati Scrambler

After selling my 2004 Triumph Bonneville and a 2003 BMW GS650s, I took the wad of cash and went to Detroit Ducati to get my fix!

I took delivery of the first Ducati Scrambler in the state of Michigan!  I purchased the 2015 Ducati Scrambler Icon from Detroit Ducati.  It was a bittersweet time when I took delivery of the Scrambler as BB King(one of my favorite blues artists) just recently passed.  I thought what better way to remember him than to give the Scrambler the name “Lucille”.  For those not familiar this was what BB called his guitar.

Compared to the Bonneville, the Scrambler was noticeably quicker and more nimble.  This is partly due to the difference in weights and the increased HP of the Scrambler but the Bonneville felt more top heavy to me as well.

The scrambler icon model has a dry weight of 375lbs which is super light to me! The Bonneville was easily 75lbs more.

Ducati uses the SOHV 803 ci V-twin engine with claimed horsepower of 75 and 50 ft/lb torque. Using air and oil cooling it does get hot at a standstill.


The seat height is about 31″ and the color is a throw back to the 70s era Scramblers. I think it’s considered a beginners bike, and I would agree, its very easy to ride.  I find myself hitting turns harder and getting on it a little more than on previous bikes (Bonneville, gs650, Honda shadow) but then its a different style bike anyway.

There are many aftermarket accessories for the Scrambler, in the photo above I have a Dart shield which seems to fit the bike nicely and directs a small amount of air away from your body/head.

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