Nashville, TN

While visiting Nashville there are a few things that should be on your to-do list!

For one, the Broadway strip and some of the many, many, many bars.  I really enjoyed The Tin Cup and The Mellow Mushroom but some other popular ones are  Tootsies and BB Kings, which is off the strip.


Great music and drinks!


There is also a life sized replica of the Greek Parthenon, called “The Parthenon”. It’s pretty sweet and there is an art museum inside.  I didn’t check out the museum but it looked on the small side.



Of course you must have some BBQ while in Nashville, Martins was awesome! Also the Nashville hot chicken locations like Princes or Hatty B’s are places to try for some HOT chicken!


Another item for your list should be one of the music museums! If you are vising Nashville, you need to take in one of the touristy museums. There is the Musicians Hall of Fame and the Johnny Cash Museum.




So many great things to see and some real musical talents!  The strip can get really packed in the late evenings and the bars were packed when we went. If that’s your scene you will love it.  I found it better to go early and day drink while enjoying music into the early evening, then get home earlier.

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