Imagination Station Toledo, Ohio

If you are a fan of hands on science, I would recommend a trip to the Imagination Station. It’s geared towards kids and is probably packed with the little urchins at any given time.  I took my little guy there, who is 8 and he was borderline enjoying it.


There are lots of cool hands on exhibits, when we visited the Star Wars characters were roaming the halls and attracting lots of fans.



I am not sure who had more fun, the children or the adults.


There was a health area, that explained how your body reacts to different foods and which are good/bad for you.


That is just a quick glance at the in Toledo.  For me it wasn’t a far drive so it made a nice day trip.  I would probably block off 4+ hours of the day to see everything. It was worth the trip for me, not sure if my son was old enough to really understand all the exhibits.  He was more interested in the Star Wars characters.


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