The Skip Detroit, MI

Detroit always seems to get a bad rap in the media,  while it’s still a work in progress, there is so much to love about it! For one it’s up and coming restaurant and bar notoriety!  I am less than 10 minutes outside of Detroit city limit so I try and visit all the new sites, from restaurants, bars and shops to new parks, sites and museums.  I even check out some of these ‘ruins’ that are typically what people envision as Detroit.

The Skip is one of many newer Cocktail establishments in Detroit.   Since I visited right around the Christmas season their menu had been updated to a holiday theme.

To get to The Skip is a short walk down an alley that’s called The Belt, right off Grand River and Broadway.  This area is close to Cadillac Square, the Punch Bowl Social and the people mover.


We got there around 5pm and they open at 4pm, we got the last 2 seats.  The place is on the small side but service was top notch, and the atmosphere was very positive.  The drinks, well they were amazing!  As usual with specialty cocktails it took a bit to get our drinks but not enough of a wait to be bothersome or ruin the experience.


I would really recommend you check it out, but unless you are willing to wait, go at an off time when there isn’t  a line up to get in.  From what I’ve heard, in the summer there is a line down the alley to get in.

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