Copper Harbor, MI

A first time visit to Copper Harbor to see what we can see!

Lots and lots of mountain biking, motorcyclists, campers, kayaks and hikers.

Isle Royale is a short boat ride away and is supposed to be a great hiking and camping destination for those looking to rough it.

In town there isn’t too much, but just enough if you like rural and quiet. A few small town, mom and pop type shops for ice cream, donuts, basic groceries and all the souvenirs you can handle. There’s also an adventure shop that runs kayak and biking in the town, and a nice, small brewery called Brickside Brewing. There are lots of hiking trails and there are a few parks in the area to sit and read, ponder, talk, whatever you enjoy.

We checked out Fort Wilkins for a little history of army life in the 1850s. They evan had a few actors playing period style roles and giving you information about the fort.

The views are spectacular, the water is right there and the sunset is amazing. At this time of year the sun didn’t set until around 10pm.

The water is so clear, but so incredibly cold. The shore is covered with small rocks that become naturally polished by the waves.

A nice place to stay, close to everything in town, clean and like most of the town nice and quiet. With the exception of the occasional motorcycle or ATV.

An upper peninsula delicacy, a pasty! Delicious without ketchup but with the gravy! It contained beef, potatoes and a little carrot.. not bad at all!

There’s an odd Norwegian, Danish store worth a stop, just to hear some history from the owner. No one is in a hurry and talking to people is a major pastime, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

The adventure shop that rented bikes and kayaks.

The place for breakfast and lunch.. there are a few other choices in town for this but we liked The Tamarack Inn the best.

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