Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

A visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio! It’s been on my list so decided to just jump in the car and take a road trip! Being a music fan, for me it was worth the drive!   I probably would only visit once but it was a great experience.  You could spend a LOT of time in here with all the exhibits and media to watch and listen to.


This top hat is classic Slash from Guns n Roses, they had some great memorabilia from many artists. Takes you don’t memory lane that’s for sure!


Run DMC anyone?  Old school rap and some original RUN DMC Adidas, you can check out the hat too!


All in all, worth a trip at least once if you are a music fan.  It’s not far from other shops, bars and restaurants so a nice visit to Cleveland should be in order!

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