Hocking Hills State Park Logan, OH

This was a first time checking out Hocking Hills State Park. It’s located about an hour south of Columbus, Ohio.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but was surprised to find some nice, shaded hiking along a river that goes into Rose Lake.

The hiking isn’t difficult but there are lots of roots to navigate around and over. This could be a challenge if they are wet. The trail started to get busy later in the day, we got there in the morning and by noon it was single file hiking.

There are some areas cut thru rock that are makeshift steps, and those sections are only single file for sure.

There are multiple hiking paths you can take, depending on how many miles you want to put in.

In August, most of the waterfalls that are scattered throughout the park were dried up. The ideal time to go to see these is spring time probably right after the snow thaws or maybe after April rains. It’s probably a good idea to wear hiking boots but the easy look I did was good with nice tennis shoes.

I would definitely go back again, but maybe in spring to see the waterfalls.

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