Ark Encounter Williamstown, KY

Someone built a life-sized Noah’s Ark, you know from the Bible. It’s located right off I-75 in Kentucky half way between Lexington and Cincinnati Ohio.

This is definitely a big tourist attraction and was interesting to see the various exhibits on display as well as just the huge ark! You walk thru the 4 story tall ark on ramps and each floor has various exhibits.

Some of the exhibits depict what it might be like on the ark for the animals, and people who lived on it and what some of the animals might have been.

The Ark Encounter has a welcome center with food/snacks, books, and all sorts of souvenirs for sale.

There is also a restaurant and even a small zoo on the property.

If you are interested in learning more about Noah’s ark, and what it might have been like this is a good spot for it! We were pretty much done ‘learning’ after about 3 floors. It started to get really busy later and a lot of the exhibits were getting crowded with people so it was hard to see some without elbowing your way up front.

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